2. Phillip Eugene HARRIS (photo) was born on 17 Mar 1913 in Shanghai, China. He died on 23 Mar 1965 in Napa, CA. He was married to Violette Marie SPRAGUE on 30 Sep 1939 in Portland, OR.

3. Violette Marie SPRAGUE (photo) was born on 6 Dec 1919 in Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR. She died on 3 Sep 2003 in Jackson, MS. Children were:

child i. Phillip Eugene , Jr. HARRIS.
child ii. Sherman William HARRIS (photo) was born on 16 Sep 1943 in Napa, CA. He died on 18 Nov 1947 in San Francisco, CA. died from Lukemiea
child1 iii. Violet Jeanne HARRIS.
child iv. Living HARRIS.

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